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Slate Roof Repair

Scottish slate has a good reputation as a long-lasting material. Recent research supports this, with many slates showing that they have a service life of 150 years or more. In achieving this, their fixings and support requires repair and maintenance. It is sensible therefore to inspect roofs at regular intervals to spot any potential problems as soon as they appear.

Church Roof Slate Repair

Regular inspections are essential to spot and tackle problems before they become aggravated – and repair costs escalate. Before the onset of winter, inspections and repair work in the autumn are recommended. It is also advisable to repeat the inspection after a particularly severe storm or gale.

Slates may also break on the roof because of:

  • Wind uplift.
  • Nails being driven in too far hold the slate too firmly against the sarking.
  • nails not being driven into the sarking far enough and remain with their heads standing proud. This is likely to damage slates in the courses above as the slate will sit on the nail head and not bear down evenly on the underlying slate.

In Detail

Arrow Graphic Storm DamageWhen your roof gets damaged as a result of a storms, high winds or bad weather prompt repair is essential.
Arrow Graphic Slate Work A leaky, poor maintained roof will eventually cause untold damage to your most prized possession - your house.
Arrow Graphic Lightning Protection Any lightning protection system should be inspected and its earth terminations tested on an annual basis.
Arrow Graphic Structural K2 offer a full service of repair and maintenance, including all types of roof repair; guttering; fascias and Masonry.

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